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Dragged Up

Dragged Up is a comedy-drama about family, identity and drag that follows a shy and awkward teenager who secretly uses her drag king persona to find the inner confidence she needs to show her family who she truly is.

Nomination - 2021 - Best British Short, Iris Prize.

As part of the Iris Prize, 'Dragged Up' was broadcast on Channel 4 UK and All4.

Writer/Director: Laura Jayne Tunbridge
Producer: Danielle Goff
Production Designer: Milly White
Cinematographer: Arushi Chugh


'Dragged Up' was funded via Kickstarter and shot on location in High Wycombe and the Isle of Sheppey. Milly and her art department contracted COVID-19 two days before shoot, so Milly dressed all the sets via FaceTime - with huge thanks to the remaining fantastic and generous crew to make it happen.

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