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Make Do Or Mend

With death never more than a misstep away, two hunters must decide whether to embrace the inevitable or fight against their fate.

Nomination - 2018 - Best Production Design, Birmingham Independent Film Festival

Winner - Best 

Director: Christopher Bevan
Producers: Christopher Bevan and James Hutton
Writer: Dan McGrath
Director of Photography: Karl Poyzer
Production Designer: Milly White

'Make Do Or Mend' was made as part of the 48 hour Sci-Fi Film Challenge, for the London Sci-Fi Film Festival, 2018. The challenge requires the film to be shot and delivered in full, all within a set 48 hours. Teams can prepare a rough storyline ahead of time but must adapt their story to include key components given by the challenge hosts: title of the film, key prop and a specified line of dialogue.

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