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Night of the Living Dread

When a power cut ruins Ruby's bedtime routine, she finds herself haunted by some unwanted guests. The only way for Ruby to get a peaceful night of sleep is to confront her visitors.

Director: Ida Melum
Writers: Laura Jayne Tunbridge & Hannah Kelso
Producer: Danielle Goff
Production Designer: Milly White
Cinematographer: Charlie Jenkins

'Night of the Living Dread' is a stop motion animation made at 1:7 scale. Six key puppets make up the main characters, with two using ball and socket armatures. All sets, props, puppets and costumes are handmade and created from scratch. The build and shoot took place over a six month period, with an average of 4 seconds of footage being captured each day.

Winner - 2022 - National Production Design Award [Postgraduate category] - Royal Television Society

Winner - 2022 - Best Animation [Postgraduate category] - Royal Television Society

Winner - 2022 - Best Student Animation - Annie Awards

Nominated - 2022 - Best Short Animation - EE BAFTAs

Nominated - 2022 - Best Animation - GSA Student BAFTAs

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