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Stories of You and I

Narrated by Academy Award Nominee, Jonathan Pryce, Stories of You and I is an open letter to the Earth, remembering a life of infatuation with nature around the British Isles. It is a touching, personal and emotional cry for environmental justice told through an intimate relationship with the natural world.

Winner - 2021 - Best Student Film and Emerging Talent, Jackson Wild Film Festival

Winner - 2021 - Best Short Film, Gran Paradiso Film Festival

Shortlisted - 2021 - Best Documentary, GSA Student BAFTAs

Writer/Director/Producer: John Davies
Producer: Michelle Brondum
Production Designer (studio unit): Milly White
Cinematographer (studio unit): Adam Singodia

'Stories of You and I' is a documentary that showcases original footage shot across some of the UK’s most breathtaking nature, culminating in a studio set build for a to-camera monologue starring Jonathon Pryce. The studio set build and shoot took place, in its entirety, within 72 hours.

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