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The Visit

When 18-year-old Nneka attempts to connect with her estranged mother, the fantasy of who she is is abruptly shattered by the harsh reality of living with mental illness and extreme poverty.

Winner - 2022 - Best Student Film, Holly Shorts Film Festival, LA

Director: Ebele Tate
Writer: Tess Lonergan & Ebele Tate
Producer: Danielle Goff

Production Designer: Milly White
Cinematographer: Arushi Chugh

'The Visit' was shot on location in Wales, Edinburgh, Slough, Wooburn Green and Beaconsfield for all exterior shots and some interior scenes. The main setting for the film, Ansa's flat and communal hallway leading to her flat, were built on a stage including an SFX rigged flooded bathroom set and a flooded miniature set at 1:5 scale. The build was completed in four weeks, with an eight day shoot on 35mm film.

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